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“He who stops being better — stops being good.” — Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector of the Commonwealth

The Importance of Building Leaders

The best companies have already realized what police departments, fire departments and the military services have always known—organizations must grow their leaders. To create vibrant self-renewing and self-sustaining business enterprises, you need leaders, especially transformational ones.

Leaders inside organizations tend toward two fundamental orientations:

    • they strive to maintain the status quo, or
    • they make changes that make things better.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of established organizations to develop managers who don’t rock the boat; who won’t take risks; who conform, not question.

That’s why its vital for today’s organizations to put in place learning methods that develop leaders who can transform the existing nature of things.

Our Approach To Skill-Based Learning

We believe leadership is a learnable skill—like learning a language or playing a musical instrument. For some it will be easy, for others it  requires more effort.

We believe that leadership skills cannot be built by just having students or managers sit in a conference room or a classroom. Most classes and workshops accomplish little, simply presenting knowledge soon forgotten.

Nor should you assume that getting an A in a class means you are a strong leader. Leadership is not just textbook course, it must be grounded in real world, “hands-on” experience.

“One cannot learn leadership simply by reading books about it.” — M. Johannsen

That’s why we use a combination of sound theory combined with  practice methods to get individuals to master  leadership behaviors.

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